Elizabeth Hope Greer

What do tiny homes, Mexican food, the song “Jesus Loves Me” and World Kindness Week have in common? Just one thing: Elizabeth Hope Greer.

At just 38 inches tall, visually impaired, and having faced a lifetime of complex medical issues, Elizabeth was known for her love of all things food and her bold entrances into a room with the greeting “What you havin’?”

Elizabeth’s final challenge in her life was a battle with COVID-19. After a lengthy, courageous hospital stay, she lost her battle on June 28, 2021.

We miss her infectious laughter and ability to make us smile with her commentary on life. Elizabeth’s personality was magnetic and she captivated the entire school when she entered it.

While Elizabeth was only at Beck for two years, she left a lasting impression on EVERYONE she met.

Elizabeth was hilarious, feisty, loving, kind, giving, and for some crazy reason we were lucky enough to be her favorite people. She was empathetic and observant; she was persistent and snuggly. She was quick-witted and so very kind-hearted. Elizabeth loved to laugh, sing, and dance. She loved to have her back scratched and hair braided.

Elizabeth filled the room with her laughter and quickly brought a smile to your face. She may have been short in stature but her personality was larger than life.

She was deeply loved and will be greatly missed.